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10 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner

August 5, 2018

You’ve been dreaming about your wedding day all of your life, you’ve utilized extensive time planning it and before you know it, it will be right around the corner. I happen to know a thing or two about planning weddings, so I thought you might be interested to learn 10 reasons you really do need a wedding planner for your big day!

10 Reasons You Need a Wedding Planner

  1. Saves you time – the average wedding takes over 200 hours of planning.
  2. Saves you money – a wedding planner is a repeat customer to many vendors.
  3. Acts as your “Go To” – No more hassling, stressful and annoying questions from vendors, family and friends.
  4. Allows you to have a worry-free day. You can begin to relax and have fun with your guests.
  5. Crises are handled behind the scenes and not brought to the attention of you or your guests.
  6. Saves your friends and family from having to work on your behalf and missing out on all the fun.
  7. Recommends vendors you can trust.
  8. Helps keep you within your budget.
  9. Brings your vision to life.
  10. Brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise!

If any of these strike a nerve with you or you’re just hoping to have an amazing wedding day, let’s chat!  ■

Getting the Most from Attending a Bridal Expo

December 16, 2018

After the glow from engagement season (Thanksgiving to Valentine's Day), couples worldwide are faced with the daunting task of actually planning their wedding. Whether you’re a Type A personality or are lackadaisical, planning a wedding is time consuming, stressful and expensive. It tests the strongest relationship. It has created conflict and even wars over the course of time.

You may be taking a step back and asking yourself if all the fuss is worth it. At La Di Da Weddings & Events, we’re here for you with some fabulous tips. Remember, a little preparation goes a long way in creating the wedding day of your dreams.

Attend a Bridal Expo

The first step is to attend a bridal expo or wedding fair. There is no better way to get inspired for your big day than seeing the latest décor, audio and video equipment, wedding dresses, desserts, florals and so on. You will meet several vendors in a short amount of time, which would have otherwise taken you months to accomplish. Keep in mind, not all bridal expos are created equal. Go to those that are held at large venues and convention centers as they generally feature the very best vendors in the industry.

Who Should Go?

You should not go solo. Take your fiancé, a dear friend or close relative. Do not bring your entire squad. So many opinions in an already-crowded place can be a recipe for disaster.

The Plan of Attack

Properly prepare for the bridal expo. Eat a light breakfast. Leave a little room for delicious samples from caterers and bakers. Get there early so you can openly speak with vendors without having to compete with the crowds. You will benefit from having a checklist or point of reference when considering the services you will require, what accessories you still need and a short list of general questions you have for vendors, planners and designers.

Pre-registering for a bridal expo will help save you time and money at check-in. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes that reflect your sense of style, and bring a backpack or wheeled cart. Most bridal shows offer you a free tote, take it. You will be bombarded by handouts, packets and business cards and may want something extra to stash all your goodies and keep your hands free – especially if you win a raffle or plan to purchase items at the show. It ‘s handy to carry a color swatch (if you’ve already selected your wedding attire) for browsing and comparing colors to accessories and/or jewelry at the show.

Credit and Currency

Take a credit card and some cash. Many vendors offer discounts on their services if you book your wedding the day of the show and may request a deposit – keep in mind not everyone takes plastic.

Labels, Color-Coordination and Note-Taking

Make labels that include your name(s), email, phone, wedding day and venue (if you have it). You will be exchanging this information repeatedly throughout the day and will be grateful once you see how much this will simplify your life.

Also, multicolored tabs or markers can help you prioritize the material you are receiving from a vendor by color-coordination (for example, peach for “very impressed,” yellow for “maybe,” green for “needs more research” and red for “no thanks”). Once you return home, you will have a clear picture as to where to start.

Do take notes, either in written form or use your note-taking app on your smart phone.

If it’s an awe-inspiring floral centerpiece or the dessert table of your dreams, be sure to take photos!

Be Friendly

Ask questions and be friendly! Vendors want to hear about your wedding and opening the lines of communication can quickly determine if you will be a good fit for one another. Don’t be afraid to hunt for deals and special offers. “Book now” discounts, giveaways and prizes are common at wedding expos, so take advantage and get the most out of your attendance.

Follow up

If you connected with a wedding professional that you’re interested in hiring, don’t wait for them to follow up with you. Quickly email or text the vendor after the show and ask how to move onto the next step. Wedding professionals book quickly. Your reaching out to them can help not only save, but secure your date.

Have a Blast!

Remember, you are planning the best day of your life – planning weddings and attending bridal shows should be fun!  Enjoy!  ■

Reasons to Stay Hydrated While Planning Your Wedding

September 24, 2019

In Southern California, it’s no secret that staying hydrated is not only necessary, but mandatory – especially in the summer months. While you plan your wedding, your body will be taxed to its limit. At La Di Da Weddings & Events, in addition to planning and décor advice, we want to provide engaged couples with practical suggestions as well and stress the importance of drinking more water during wedding planning. Here’s why:

1. Drinking more water keeps your hunger in check. It’s true. Drinking water will curb those hunger pains and help you look your best on your wedding day, especially if you’re trying to lose a few pounds to fit into that beautiful wedding dress or snazzy tuxedo. Oftentimes, we think we’re hungry and reach for a snack, when we are only thirsty! By staying hydrated, your cravings and hunger pains will be reduced.

2. A beautiful complexion. Drinking plenty of water helps our skin, too! When we don’t consume enough water, our skin tends to dry out all over our bodies; and fine lines and wrinkles become more pronounced. No thanks! Drinking more water hydrates the skin and your complexion actually glows.

3. Happiness. Our bodies are made up of over 50% water. When we are dehydrated, our entire system is thrown off, including our mood! Thirst can cause crankiness and distraction, which is a recipe for disaster when trying to plan and organize your wedding! Remember to drink more water to keep a clear and happy mind!

Our suggestions for those struggling to incorporate more water into their daily diet:

• Buy a nice water bottle that is double insulated and stainless steel (like Hydro Flask® or Thermoflask® bottles from Costco).

• Infuse your water with your favorite fruit and skip the artificial flavors and colorings.

• Enjoy more water-rich vegetables and fruit as they quench your thirst and are just as beneficial to your wellness (if not more) as drinking water.

• On your wedding day, while you celebrate, be sure the water glass at your table is always full. It’s nice to interchange your wine glass with water to maintain its benefits on the most beautiful day of your life . . . and happily ever after. ■